Lead Instructor

Lead Instructor
As a lead instructor you will be expected to run all aspects of a CPR class including teaching a class with or without an assistant, setting up the class, coaching assistant instructors and turning in all paperwork fully completed and producing CPR cards after the class. You will be expected to be to class at least 30 minutes early and stay through the entire class. All paperwork must be turned in within 24 hours of completing the course.

On a bi-monthly basis you will be expected to attend either a training class or teach at least 1 class as a lead instructor.

In order to remain a lead instructor you will need to complete all required paperwork and certifications and keep them current. You will be given a list of all requirements. If they are not held up you will not be allowed to teach a class.

There is no guarantee of the number of classes that you will be asked to teach. All schedules are based on the need due to the number of classes and students in each class. Some times of year are busier than others.

You will be listed as a full instructor for CPR and More and will be able to issue CPR cards for the classes you are given. You will also be allowed to issue cards for classes not assigned to you by CPR and More. This means you can start and run your own CPR business under your own name.

The basic requirements for this position are:
Current, Valid CPR card

Clean background check

Valid Drivers License

CPR and More Instructor Training course or Already approved as an instructor in another organization.

If you are interested in becoming an Lead instructor please call or email me. chris@cprnmore.com 1-800-477-6193