Process for online EMT course

These are the steps to using the online EMT course. If you have any questions please contact us to help you along!

Step 1: Go to online schedule and enroll in the class you want. You can enroll in any class scheduled. You can start training for whatever class you sign up for as soon as you have your login information from step 3. I.E. your class starts on January 1 but today is November 10th. You will have access to all the materials and can study ahead. You will have 5 weeks from the first class date to complete all the coursework and tests.

Step 2: Contact CPR and More to make payment for the course. 1-800-477-6193

Step 3: Receive an email with log-in information from CPR and More for EMT course.

Step 4: Login and start EMT training. You have an E copy of the book online and will receive a hard copy of the book in the mail. You will have assignments you must accomplish and tests to take after each chapter.

Step 5: Show up to each in class session. In class we will discuss the chapters you have completed to that point and practice skills. You can ask all questions in class or keep in email contact with the instructor to get your questions answered.

Step 6: Complete the online program by the end of the 5th week after our 1st in class meeting.

Step 7: Take the final exam and skills test in class.

Step 8: Sign up for your EMT ride alongs. You must do 2 12 hour shifts. These can not be scheduled until you have passed your exam and skills.

Step 9: Turn in all required paperwork and get your course completion and schedule your NREMT exam.

Step 10: After you pass your NREMT exam take all of your paperwork to the county of your choice in California and apply for your license.

Step 11: Start working as an EMT! Ask us about what ambulance companies to apply to!