Assistant Instructor

Assistant instructor
As an assistant instructor you will be expected to assist a lead instructor with a CPR class. This will include handling paperwork and coaching students during the CPR class. Depending on class size you may be expected to break off into groups and teach specific parts in your own group.  You will be expected to show up 30 minutes before the class to help set up and stay through the end of class to help clean up.

On a quarterly basis you will be required to attend 1 training class or assist with 1 or more CPR classes and keep all of your certifications up to date.

In order to remain an assistant instructor you will need to meet all the preset requirements which will be discusess in the interview and keep any certifications current. You will be given a list of all requirements. If they are not held up you will not be allowed to help with any classes.

There is no guarantee of the number of classes that you will be asked to teach. All schedules are based on the need due to the number of classes and students in each class. Some times of year are busier than others.

You will not be listed as a full instructor and will not be able to issue CPR cards without a lead instructor having taught the class.

The basic requirements for this position include:

Current, Valid CPR card

Clean background check

Valid Drivers License

CPR and More Instructor Training course

If you are interested in becoming an assistant instructor please call or email me. 1-800-477-6193