Heartcode AHA BLS skills Verification class

Our hybrid (heartcode) AHA BLS skills verification course allows you to take the online portion of the course at your own pace. Once you have completed that you will receive a completion certificate. Bring that certificate to our office at the scheduled class time and then you will do your skills portion. The skills portion of the class take about 1 hour and when completed you will receive an American heart association BLS for healthcare providers 2020 CPR card. The card will be good for 2 years and is the exact same as if you did the full course in person.

To take the online portion of the course you will need to go to Worldpoint and purchase the BLS heartcode 2020. The cost of the online portion of the course is $31 to be paid online at worldpoint.com

To schedule the in class portion you will go to www.alwayscpr.com Put in your zipcode and search for the BLS skills verification course. You will then register on the site. The cost of the skills portion is $30 and will be paid either on our website or in person at the time of class.

If you do not see a class listed near your zip code you can contact us and we will be glad to help you find an instructor near you who can teach your course.