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Basic Adult/Child/Infant CPR

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You will receive a completion certificate good for 2 years at the end of class!

What CPR courses do we offer?

CPR/AED/First Aid Course: This CPR course is for teaching others how to assess and help victims who need help in a medical emergency. You will also learn how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator), and how to help a person of all ages who is in need of emergency help from choking and lastly you will be taught the basics of first aid care such as bandages, managing internal bleedings, treating allergic reactions, and etc.

CPR and AED Course: This CPR and AED course teaches how to give efficient CPR including high-quality compressions, using breathes or artificial ventilation, using an AED (automated external defibrillator) on all ages, and how to help a victim who is choking.

Which Course is for you?

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CPR/AED/First Aid Course: This course is designated towards people who may need to respond to an emergency while waiting for first responders such as regular workplace employees, babysitters, firefighters, police, security guards, or anyone who deals with family members who may be at risk for cardiac arrest.

CPR and AED only Course: Anyone who needs a certificate for CPR and AED only for job requirements or for people who want to be prepared for a medical emergency.

Class Length: 4-5 hours

Cost of Class: $75 CPR/AED/FA, $50 CPR and AED only

Call 1-800-477-6193 if interested or sign up online!

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