CPR Instructor Network

Now hiring in Washington, Oregon and Northern California!

Have you ever thought about being a CPR instructor? Do you like to teach but cant find a job in the field? Would you like to make some extra money doing what you love?

At CPR and More we have created a network of CPR instructors that allows us to cover a large territory and gives us the ability to handle any and all classes that might come our way. As part of that network you would be in 1 of 3 groups. You can be an assistant instructor, a lead instructor or a Franchisee instructor. You will be able to choose at what level you will perform and can always plan to advance to the next level if you would like.

Follow the links provided to see each level and see where you would best fit in. Once you have made the decision to become an instructor you will need to email us your basic information or call us. We will set up an interview with you and discuss the details.

If you joining CPR and More is a good fit, we will set you up with a training program tailored to which level you will be teaching at. Once you have met your training requirements we will allow you to teach at the level you selected.

If you have any questions follow the links to each level and then give us a call or email. We would be glad to help in any way possible.

Email  chris@cprnmore.com        Phone   1-800-477-6193