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How to Become an EMT


How to become an EMT

I often get asked about how to get started as an EMT. There are many steps and I wanted to help simplify the process. Below you will find a step by step guide to becoming an EMT.

First thing to do is find an EMT program that works for you such as CPR and More. You can do a traditional program which is in the classroom or you can do a Hybrid online course which includes some time in the classroom and some online.

To enroll in a program you will need some basic paperwork such as your proof of residency documents, physical exam and vaccination records. Your school will tell you exactly what you need.

Once you are enrolled in a program you will want to start studying your book immediately. The more you study the better you will do. Do NOT wait till the first day of class. You will get behind very quickly.

During your class you will be sent out to do clinicals and ride alongs. You will need to accomplish (2) 12 hour shifts and have 10 patient contacts. This is a state requirement. Anything more is a school requirement. If you do not get your 10 patient contacts you will have to do more clinicals until you do.

Once you have passed your class and completed your clinicals you will get approved by your school to take your NREMT exam. You will have to create an account on NREMT.org. Once they have appoved your account you will need to pay the fee for the exam which is currently $80.

After you pay for the exam you will have to wait 24 hours for NREMT to give you an Authorization to test letter. This will have all the information you need to schedule the exam.

Once you take and pass the exam you will need choose which county in California you want to get your license through. It does not matter which county you choose. Your card will be from the state of California.

When you have chosen the county you want, you will go to their website and download the application for licensing. It will include the list of documents that you will need, including CPR, Proof of passing NREMT, and your finger prints.

Do NOT get your finger prints done until you have the specific form from the county. All other forms will not be valid and it will be a waste of your money.

After you turn in all your documents you will be mailed your State license and can then apply for a job as an EMT. You are now officially and EMT!

Lastly, most ambulance companies will want you to be able to drive and you will need a license from the DMV. You will need to go to the DMV website and follow the instructions which include getting a physical exam and finger printing (you can not use the finger print from your EMT license). You will then go take a 50 question test. You can take the test 3 times per day. Also, you should be able to search online for practice tests.

Now that you have both licenses you can apply for a job as an EMT.

Below is a condensed version of how to get your license.

Find an EMT program – Pay fee
Turn in required documents
Study hard and pass the class
Do (2) 12 hour ride alongs/clinicals
Sign up for NREMT exam – Pay fee
After you pass exam apply for license – Pay Fee
choose which county and go to their EMSA website
Get fingerprints done – Pay fee
Turn in proof of passing NREMT
When you receive your State license.
Get your Ambulance drivers license.
Apply for a job.

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