2000 Satisfied Customers

It’s the end of August and we have done a little number crunching. This year has been a great one for CPR and First aid for us. We have been lucky enough to have so many great students. Along with that we have started our EMT program and have had more success with that then we expected. There are lot of amazing things coming in the new year but I wanted to share with you a few of our numbers. Maybe you are one of them or maybe you will be one soon. Either way your word of mouth is what is driving our business and we can not thank you enough.

Total number of students this year             2000

% of BLS students                                          60%

% of Basic CPR students                              20%

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% of CPR and First aid Students               20%

Total number of students since opening in 2008          8874

We are quickly heading towards 10,000 students!

If you would like to take a class or know someone who would, please tell them to give us a call at 1-800-477-6193 or go to our website at www.cprnmore.com