And we are growing…

Starting a business is not easy. Starting one that is supposed to be only part time while you work 2 other full time jobs, now that’s tough. I was helping teach classes for the training center I was based out of because they had so many students. So my schedule was 24 hours on an ambulance then teach a class or two and then go to work at my other job. Then I would do it all over again. I would come in with bags under my eyes and be barely able to keep my eyes open let alone teach a class. I made it work though.
At this point I started to advertise more and I was charging a lot less then I should. I wasn’t making much money because I was still going to peoples homes and only doing 1 student at a time. I knew I needed to do something. I worked out a deal with the training center that I was working out of to start teaching some of my students at the training center.
It was a great deal. I taught the class for free and collected money from my own students. It was great for a while. The down side was that people didn’t know that I was my own company. They thought that I was part of the training center so we had a little bit of a problem.
It became more of a problem when students would call the training center and be looking for me but I was never there. Eventually it started driving the Training Center Coordinator nuts and she decieded that I needed to not teach my own students there. So I cut back on the number of students I taught there and she allowed me to do a couple per month when it was an emergency.
So I went back to teaching on location quite a bit. It wasn’t easy but I was making some money.

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