Getting our own office…

The last two weeks have been very busy and the next two are going to be just as busy. That being the case I am a little behind on updating my blog but dont worry. I am still here. Enjoy this post and let me know what you think.

Getting our own office…

So now I am in a tough situation. I had to keep growing my business and at the same time I had to find a place to teach them, and fast. I got online and started searching like crazy. I found a few places but the prices just seemed way to outlandish.

I settled on a few places to check out and took a trip to see them in person. I knew of some just because I’ve lived in the area for so long. A few of them I gave a chance to even though I didn’t think it was the right fit. I wanted to find the right place, not just a place to do a class. After all, this location might very well turn into an actual office space for future employees. I had plans in mind to rent an office space, and then I was going to look online at office furniture outlets (such as this one here, check it out) so I could finally start building my very own office space up.

Some of the places were pretty nice but the layout was just not right. I had a specific idea in mind but I didn’t know where to find it or even what it really was.

After doing some searching I narrowed it down to 2 locations. One I thought was almost perfect and the other had an odd layout but wasn’t too bad. I decided to go for the first one. There was just 1 problem. It had been abandoned for the past 3 years and there had been a false wall that the previous tenant ripped out. Litteraly.

There was a line down the middle of the ceiling where you could see to the roof and there was metal brackets hanging dangerously. The carp

et was destroyed and the place needed new paint and a little TLC.

I called up a buddy of mine that does construction and asked him to take a look at it and tell me what he thought it would take to make it useable. He offered me a deal at $1500.

At that point I decided to talk numbers with the leasing agent. He told me to make an offer and so I started trying to figure out what would work for me. I finally gave him an offer that I felt really comfortable with. After waiting for a week he said they agreed to the offer but the owner wasn’t going to be in town for a while so we would have to wait.

I followed up with them and eventually they said they got another offer that was better and they were going to take it. I was pissed that they led me on but what could I do. So I set out to find another location.