How to become a CPR instructor…

I jumped through the hoops of becoming a CPR instructor which really isn’t all that hard.

First you have to be licensed in a job that would require you to know the skill you want to teach. Then you go find a training center that is willing to take you on as an instructor. This is because they are responsible for you if you mess up. It’s kinda like having a boss but only if you screw up.
After that you sign that training centers agreements and then take the Core Instructor course. That part is an at home DVD that is probably more about making money for the group promoting it then for the instructor to get better. Everything on that video could be taught in the class.
Once you passed the written test on the DVD you then go and take a 2 day class in which you learn how to actually teach and what paperwork you need to do. Finally you show the instructor that you can teach a class with them watching you. If you do a good job they pass you on and you get your instructor card. If not then you do more training until you are able to train someone.
I passed my course on the first try and was given high marks. I started teaching classes right away. I posted ads and got my friends taken care of as quickly as I could.
Next classes get underway, but what a pain. Come back to find out about them…
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