How to treat a poisonous Spider bite!

How to treat a poisonous Spider bite!

In yesterdays post we discused the 3 different types of poisonous Spiders. Today we will look at the basic care of a poisonous spider bite.

If you do get bit by a poisonous spider the first thing to do is stay calm. Most bites are not immediately life-threatening. First get away from the spider so it cant bite you again. After that, go to the bathroom and wash the bite site with warm water and soap. After you clean the site cover it with a dry dressing and look for any signs of allergic reactions.

If you know the spider is poisonous, go to the doctor right away. Take the spider with you if you are able to safely capture it. If not, just leave it be.


signs to know if you need medical attention…
Red or blueish streaking near the bite site
Difficulty breathing
Signs of sever allergic reactions.

If you have any of these signs or think you might go to the hospital or call 911 or your emergency number immediately.

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