Why is CPR Important

Do you have a family member or a friend who has a chronic illness? Maybe you know someone who has Asthma or even simply allergies? Knowing CPR can save their lives, it can also save your life. If you know CPR and you happen to be in a situation when a stranger needs help, you’ll be able to help and give that person a better survival rate. CPR Training is available to anyone and easily accessible.

CPR Meaning

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is a life-saving technique that helps maintain blood flow to a person’s brain and heart.


If there is an emergency, it is always recommended to call the emergency services first. Now that you have called for emergency medical professionals is when you act during the wait time. Knowing CPR will give you the confidence to help until medical personnel arrive.

When CPR isn’t Preformed

There are studies to show, when CPR is not preformed less than half of those who suffer cardiac arrest will survive. Usually because any surrounding bystander wasn’t CPR certified.

 Feeling Empowered

Not every emergency will require CPR. Not all emergencies happen in a public setting. Research shows that almost 85% of cardiac arrest will happen in the home. Knowing basic CPR can help save a spouse, child, sibling, any friend or family present that have an emergency. CPR is important to know because honestly you never know when you might find someone unresponsive and need your help.

Better in Numbers

If you know CPR, I firmly believe that your spouse should know CPR as well and if your children are 13 years and older, they should have basic CPR as well. If a situation arises while you are out and about, having more than one person who is CPR trained can be super beneficial. Having one person preform CPR until EMT’s or paramedics arrive can be hard. Someone can get exhausted before help arrives. Therefore, it’s always good to have a second person who can help.

CPR in a workplace environment

I’m a firm believer that every employer should have all their managers and at least one regular employee on every shift that is CPR Certified. If anything should happen in the workplace you should have multiple people who can help. There are a lot of jobs who say no we only call for the emergency services, we don’t do anything else. When someone collapses at work and you go to see if they’re okay; the se

cond you put your hand on them and ask “Hey are you okay?” you have already started to help them. So why not know the proper way to help them until emergency personnel shows up? You can find many certified providers that say “We offer cpr training courses in Richmond Hill!” or “We provide training anywhere from the east coast to the west coast!”. Finding a good and cost-effective course for your workplace should not be a problem in this day and age.

CPR in the home

As stated, before 85% of cardiac arrest happen in the home. When you have a child, anything can happen. A child likes to get into everything. If you walked into the room and say your child, niece or nephew unresponsive, would you know what to do? If someone in the home was choking? Would you know how to respond appropriately? A lot of people assume they know when someone is choking, they do the Heimlich. That isn’t always the case. Any adult in the home should know CPR. That way if anything was to happen in the home you can respond appropriately and responsibly without harming the individual.