Bystander CPR saves baby’s life!

Im a big fan of people learning CPR just to know what to do when the moment comes. Here is a great example of just such a time.

Incredible pictures captured the dramatic moments when a baby stopped breathing during traffic along a busy Miami freeway.

An aunt was on babysitting duty when everything went wrong. Pamela Rauseo started performing mouth-to-mouth on her 5-month-old nephew when she noticed that he wasn’t breathing and was starting to change color.

She got out of her car on the busy Dolphin Expressway and other drivers stopped to help her. Pulitzer prize-winning photographer Al Diaz happened to be a few cars back and captured some remarkable images.

Diaz alerted a police officer, who also happened to be driving by. The officer then took over the CPR and stabilized the baby’s condition until more professional aid arrived.

The baby had been born prematurely and suffered an unknown health emergency. But thanks to the quick action of so many strangers coming together, the little boy is recuperating at a Miami-area hospital.

Rauseo and Diaz are giving an exclusive interview to “Good Morning America.” You can watch it at 7 a.m. Friday on ABC7.

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